HOT chick playing league

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User Info: darklink1017

4 years ago#1

she's also a cam whore..with a video circulating on the net

User Info: dragonfire55

4 years ago#2
76% of all statistics are made up on the spot.
PSN: Ryukeshen

User Info: Knight_Of_Order

4 years ago#3
Do tell more about that video
Amid the turmoil and tumult of battle, there may be seeming disorder and yet no real disorder at all
Sun Tzu

User Info: RunesCall

4 years ago#4
I just.. came in at a part where she placed 4 wards in the same location and demanded them to come at her...

Yeah.. no thanks.
The most memorable moments in life are the ones we never took the time to plan.

User Info: TyrekeEvans13

4 years ago#5
She's not Asian
The King of Kings

User Info: Kujja

4 years ago#6
I went and the first thing she did was accuse the enemy team of cheating. No thanks.

User Info: Blocktopus

4 years ago#7
Her face looks like ass. How do people even find her hot? The only nice thing about her is her boobs

either her face is crap or it's the quality lol.
ign toki

User Info: GujinKami

4 years ago#8
But I already have access to porn.

User Info: MegaTech

4 years ago#9
Lol her sex bear in the background
My humble talk, crumbles rock. ~TheTech~

User Info: lcodecl

4 years ago#10
She just placed what was possibly the worst Sona ult in the history of LoL.
LoL: CapnDrewsky
XBL: xHomeslicex
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