Nerf 3 champions.

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User Info: Black_Assassin

4 years ago#21
Darius: ult does physical damage
Nidalee: spears AP ratio doesn't grow with the travel distance, only the base damage
Fiddle: fear at max rank lowered to 2.5 seconds

User Info: thinh_nguyen10

4 years ago#22
SeraphOfAwesome posted...
Nidalee: Her spear now does max damage at about 1/4 of her max range, and then gets weaker the further it flies. Why should she be able to chuck a spear further and for more damage than Caitlyn's actual Sniper Rifle? It's crazy...

This actually makes a lot of sense.

User Info: bwlfro5

4 years ago#23
Kassadin - Ult now has a 12/10/8 second cooldown and no longer stacks. Passive now stores up when taking magic damage instead of granting attack speed. This stored up amount is added to his ult damage the next time he uses it.

Jayce - Acceleration gate has a short .5 second activation delay

Teemo - Mushrooms now always die in one auto-attack.

User Info: CloudandYuffie

4 years ago#24
Nidalee: courger form W has a 10 second cd
Darius: ult only get half refresh from a kill
Elise: Her stun now only holds people in place.
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User Info: OmegaFlare18

4 years ago#25
Master Yi's bonus armor/MR from Meditate cut in half
Darius ult is now CDR based on # of stacks with each stack being 20% off cooldown
Nasus Wither is now 3 seconds instead of 5 but the full slow is applied
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