Wait... they didn't nerf warmogs?

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User Info: Raging Fire

Raging Fire
4 years ago#11
From: Xano1234 | #008
They took out the ADC item Madreds Bloodrazor which countered high health champions making health even more effective.

They did add Liandrys which does affect max health but thats only really effective for mages.

Blade of the Ruined King takes off a % of current health, so it may help reduce their health, its still not as effective as Bloodrazor's was.

Bloodrazor was never a good AD carry item though, since it did magic damage, and AD carries don't get any mpen. Assuming 4k enemy health with 30MR, MBR does 123 damage. For the same 3.8k gold, you could currently buy 2 BF swords and a recurve for 50 more AD and 10% less AS. Keep in mind that MBR's passive didn't work with crit and that you're highly unlikely to find a 4k health target with base MR. MBR was only ever mildly useful for on-hit builds.

Liandry's does %current health. If it did do %max, it'd instead be called Blackfire Torch and completely overrun Dominion for a patch or two until it got repeatedly nerfed down to just being one of the better items, rather than being the only item you needed.

At 4k health, 90 armor, and 40% apen from mastery and LW, Blade of the Ruined King does 70 damage. Admittedly a little low, but wasn't Riot purposely keeping BotRK a bit weak so that bruisers didn't abuse the thing?

User Info: BlackBeetleborg

4 years ago#12
I remember when I hit 4500 hp with Renekton one time, without his ult....

I love Season 3.
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User Info: Hyper Inferno

Hyper Inferno
4 years ago#13
Bloodrazor filled the same niche that BoTRK is filling now, except it was really way too expensive for what it did and didn't even give lifesteal and a nice active. It did do magic damage instead of physical as the %health though.

I guess they tried magic damage out on BoTRK for a while and decided to make it physical. I can see split damage being good on some characters, but physical better on others.
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User Info: Dark_Luna3

4 years ago#14
Camel-Rider posted...
Warmogs isnt the problem.

This. Technically speaking Warmog's health per gold value isn't even that great (it's worse than the S2 Warmogs), it's just the Meta. Getting pure health is simply better than health + resistances.

User Info: PhoenixEgg88

4 years ago#15
It makes my old leona build bad. I could have 2k ish health. But over 200 arm and mag resist. Then my shield. Was so much fun :D. Now it's pointless. I build a bulwark then just get health because why not?
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User Info: Reaper_Minion

4 years ago#16
You still need resists to be tanky and force the enemy to buy penetration instead of flat deeps. It's just not as effective as it used to be. The MR items in particular are in a pretty bad spot. Every single one of them is situational and/or offers a relatively small amount of MR. Spirit Visage has a passive that does very little if you don't have lifesteal or innate sustain. Bulwark is an item that you only want one of in a team and it doesn't have a Negatron Cloak as part of its recipe, so it doesn't give a whole lot of MR until you actually complete it. BV and QSS are situational items that don't work too well on tanks. etc.
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User Info: Xano1234

4 years ago#17
The only 2 items a tank honestly needs anymore is a Warmogs and Bulwarks.

Those alone give you 1400 health, around 40+ HP/5 regen, 30 armor, and 60 magic resist.

If you buy a Tabi and have armor runes that is another 50 armor.

The only problem with that is it costs a good amount of money and with wards and little CS as a support, you may not get past this point. Once you are here though, you are tanky as hell with the right masteries/runes/ etc.
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