How to use ahri?

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User Info: sdawewq

4 years ago#1
Help, I am super noob

User Info: menghuo1991

4 years ago#2
Press W
Press E
Press Q
Press R x3
Acquire kill.
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User Info: Luster_Sly

4 years ago#3
Land Charm
roll face on keyboard
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User Info: _Xymemaru_V

4 years ago#4
Run around alot while last hitting. Use your orb to slowly chip away at the enemy. If you get a clear shot use your charm. If it hits use foxfire and orb then haul ass out of there. Once you get your ult if they're low enough use fox fire then immediately use your ult. If they go behind the tower don't be afraid to tower dive if you have 2 uses left and you're sure 1 more will kill them. you can use the last one to duck into their jungle before the tower kills you.
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User Info: FlailingChair

4 years ago#5
if going in for kill, R to their faces, land charm(plz tell me u can land a point blank charm), W and Q, R 2 more times if necessary or ignite

u win

User Info: UnderwaterAir

4 years ago#6
There are many different ways and positions to use her. I prefer to use and abuse, though...
Take her in top position, take her in bottom position, use her and backdoor all day for the win. It's generally one of the best ways to play. Use and play to the maximum potential of the champion, go all the way in, make all your plays an all in play.
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