Kog"Maw, Nami, or Jarvan?

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User Info: Xano1234

4 years ago#1
Trying to decide my next purchase. Out of the champions I don't have these appeal to me most.

I don't see Nami played that often and support is my favorite role so she looked interesting.

My adc's are Varus and Corki, but Kog"Maw looks interesting as well and I've always seen people eat face with him.

I've played Jarvan like twice when he was free and had a lot of fun. I think he could be a decent support, plus he can jungle and top.

Not sure who I want yet. I can buy Kog or Jarvan now, but I still need like 1k IP for Nami.
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User Info: Master_striker

4 years ago#2
Jarvan is the only possible answer.

User Info: Sozanek

4 years ago#3
Go for Jarvan.
He's quite easy to use (just be careful with your ulti :P) and yes - he can go as a support quite nicely.
Also - he's very fun to play.
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User Info: Zen_Zarab

4 years ago#4
Jarvan 4 + Skin!

User Info: Xano1234

4 years ago#5
Ok. Add Kennen to the list as well. He has always looked interesting to me as well.
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User Info: viajarv

4 years ago#6
More support for Support Jarvan IV

User Info: FlameLord23

4 years ago#7
Still jarvan
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User Info: DeadpooL7

4 years ago#8
Pls not Jarvan.... so sick of his popularity explosion. Hes in almost every game now, we dont need more.

User Info: boxboy777

4 years ago#9
I've only used Kog out of your picks and I have to say he is pretty unique.
His ult is really only good if you use unlocked screen, but it's so satisfying killing someone who is almost dead and thinking they are safe just beyond their tower...
His AoE slow is a bit tricky because you have to be in the fray to have Max effectiveness, and he's super squishy, but once you get used to the passive you'll probably get a kill every.time you die as long as you go all in when that melee carry gap closes your face and flash is on CD.
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