How do you all build Nocturne?

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User Info: Boogyy

4 years ago#1
I frequently see many tanky nocturnes with Madreds/wriggles, boots, warmogs/frozen mallet, and cleaver, but this never made any sense to me.

He has no consistent tankiness besides his Spellsheild (compare to Chos free health, mundos regen/ult, Singed ult/passive, Jarvan Flag, etc etc).

He also has two reliable AD steroids, so wouldn't building attack speed benefit him more to compliment this? Sure his Spell sheild give AS passively, but its active is somewhat unreliable, but it doesnt seem to be enough to Supplement Passive/Q for its duration.

The same applied with Trundle. For some reason people build items like Maw over items like Wits End when his AS steroid is limited while his damage steroid is reliable.

Am I wrong that AD steroids (noc Q, Trundle Q, etc) that aren't combo casts (talon, riven, renekton) need AS supplements

While AS Steroids (Jarvan, etc) need AD supplements?

Lately I've been building:
Spirit of the ancient golem over wriggles (rarely do I see wriggles regen enough health to compare to 500 health from Spirit, he already shreds through the jungle without any jungle items anyway, and the 30 armor is comparible anyway. The tenacity and regen is always nice too)

Situational boots

SHIV second to complement his Q and Passive, add a bit of extra damage from its passive and crit, and add movespeed to go with Q.

Frozen Mallet for midgame tankiness

Randuins to supplement more tankiness

Black Cleaver for late game damage to tanks after taking care of backlines.

However, with the new BotRK buffs, it makes more sense to replace Shiv with it and have Black Cleaver changed for something else.

Edit: Obviously there are exceptions, Like Skarner and Jax who has an AS steroid, but scales with AS/CDR/hybrid damage
Flowers are really unbalance
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