Tips for new players?

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User Info: synth_real

4 years ago#11
Don't dive multiple enemy champs by yourself. Bring backup to the fight. Don't hang around enemy champs at low health. Watch for when enemies are trying to bait you. In other words, don't get yourself killed, play carefully.

Work on last hitting a lot. You need gold to become stronger, the more the better.

Don't push your lane unless you have a good reason, (like you can take down their tower reasonably quickly) keep the waves in the middle or closer to your tower otherwise so you don't overextend yourself.

Work at being aware of what's going on in the game. Check up on the positions of enemy champs on your minimap frequently, note any you can't see. Buy wards and use them to cover spots that somebody might try to catch you by surprise from. Use wards all game long, the more of the map you have vision of, the better.

You don't have to blow all your skills just because they're off cooldown, often you are better off if you wait until the right time to use certain skills instead of spamming them. Mana costs also add up, and nothing is worse than being empty when you need to use a skill.

If you can do those 5 things, it will already make you better than probably half the players out there
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User Info: Susan0

4 years ago#12
Dont play bots for all your games
Learn 2 last hit
Dont follow recommended items, use a guide from solomid or mobafire
Play safe till Summoner Lv 12
Dont tower dive, unless you are 1000% sure you'l get out alive
Play an easy champ like Garen.
Save as much IP till Summoner Lv20
Darius, Akali, Katarina and a few other champs are pub stompers, dont feed them
Dont play ADCs until you can last hit properly and efficiently
Dont jungle until you have the specific runes for the role
Buy wards. Map awareness is your friend
Feed your ADC as much as possible
Doran's blade or other doran's items are gold efficient, so try to get one if you have sustain problems on your first back
Dont over extend
Dont invade the enemy jungle.
Farm wraiths while waiting for the enemy creep wraith
Dont buy snowball items like sword of the occult or mejais unless you are sure thatyou'l snowball and not die
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User Info: Act31

4 years ago#13
Leave and never come back. Just turn around and go.

User Info: WonASC

4 years ago#14
Solidshooter24 posted...
peach_vs_faIco posted...
Learn from a friend. Don't try learning this on your own

I wish I could do that haha. I recently got back surgery and need something to do. I'm the only one that is interested in this game in my friend group..sadly :/

I'll play with you every once in awhile on a smurf if you have skype. Maybe a couple games here and there. Try to teach you some of the mechanics of the game. I'm far from a pro, but I'll help you out as much as I can


smurf name: SwiftPigeon

User Info: mrmonstr

4 years ago#15
75% of new League of Legends players stay, playing League, after playing with a friend

(made that up. but it probably has some truth to it...)
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User Info: Arkhanoid

4 years ago#16
Most important thing to do at low level is to concentrate on not feeding.

Things like improving your cs, learning when to tower dive, ward spots, item knowledge etc will all come time.

User Info: TheDarkNerd

4 years ago#17
I admit to being fairly new myself, but on the subject of not dying, in general the closer you are to your tower, the safer you are. Just be careful that your opponent isn't trying to push your tower, as once it goes down, it gets more difficult to turn the game around in general.

Likewise, if you start trying to advance into enemy territory, the further in you go the better your chance of being killed just like that. One good ambush from two or three champs when you're on your own is basically death without chance for any sort of resistance. Wards in general are a nice way to keep from being killed, as they will give you early warning when an enemy approaches. Make sure to put them into bushes leading into the jungle when you start moving into lane or retreating back on your own lane.
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