Just played Jungle Taric on PBE

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User Info: Susan0

4 years ago#11
AP Taric needs to be tried
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User Info: magnusblitz

4 years ago#12
LOL @ 8% of his max mana per hit. Even better with Muramana. Add in Frozen Heart, Frozen Gauntlent, Rod of Ages, maybe a Banshee's... hahaha

I mean, yeah, obviously it'll get changed before it goes live, but I really wonder who picked that number out for the starting place. Not even in the neighborhood of seriousness.

I'm really glad they're changing his passive, though.

User Info: TheTrueAmerican

4 years ago#13
Vayne: 3.1% --> 4.5% ASPD / Level
Tristana: 3.01% --> 4.5% ASPD / Level
Ashe: 3.1% --> 4% ASPD / Level

The goal of this change is mostly to fulfill the basic promise of Vayne / Tristana. At level 18, these characters are supposed to absolutely destroy the enemy team

ADC players pampered harder than ever. Hyper-carries are an awful idea.
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