new soraka skin and balance changes

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User Info: LordMordor

4 years ago#1

still concerned they havent adjusted the numbers on Shatters passive....needing 300 armor just to equal the previous value is a bit do much.
new passive could be interesting i suppose if your able to grab Frozen Heart on him

not sure how i feel about Hecarim changes.
on the one hand...his sustain is better early to mid game....but come late game its nerfed. Plus the slight damage nerf to both it and the Lizard elder passive ...
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User Info: SorrySleeping

4 years ago#2
This has been posted a few times. Jungle/Top Bruiser taric got massively buffed. Manamune too good on him.
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User Info: Knight_Of_Order

4 years ago#3
Older than the dinosaurs.

And yeah, Hecarim got super nerfed without much compensation.
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User Info: Savra104

4 years ago#4
Hecarim change to W is a harsh nerf. Unnecessary CD nerf (18 is a LOT), heal nerfed past L4 and 5. It looks less appealing to start W than Q now, because you need to wait even longer than before. I kinda feel annoyed that they claimed this was a buff...

Taric got his changes because they wanted him to double as a Top Bruiser (the original plan) and they don't like the fact that he's used so heavily as a support. He may need a further mana reduction on some moves, but it seems like he can still support. Also, I figure they also had Frozen Heart in mind for him. That and Iceborn Gauntlet...

According to Morello's agreement with some posts, they want to "fix" supports by allowing them to itemize more. I wonder if we'll see further changes to champions being used as support so they can also be more of their own character and not have set items to build. It's possible they'll find a way to get Leona top working too (or they rework it to Leona Mid for roam potential)
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