What is the cookie cutter top lane Nidalee build?

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  3. What is the cookie cutter top lane Nidalee build?

User Info: Slayer1217

4 years ago#1
And in what order do I get it?

I see some people going vamp and dorans blade, others getting a triforce, others getting a chalice, and others just rushing a warmogs and sunfire. What is the generally accepted build?

User Info: zeppelin312

4 years ago#2
w/e it takes to dunk the enemy

though pretty much nobody builds TF anymore, IBG OP

User Info: mystermandragon

4 years ago#3
The thing about Nidalee is that almost anything works on her.

Nid's kit is very versatile and is good at base without any items.

Spears will do good poke no matter what, Traps provide scouting no matter what, heal provides sustain and is a great AS steroid. Her cat form provides great mobility and all her cat abilities scale well just off level and will always be great for some burst damage

for these reasons, there is not a clear consensus on what Nid should build. Her kit doesnt give her much tankiness so some suggest build her full tank and just allow her great base damages to do work.

Build AD for poke in lane and dueling.

Build AP for poke while sieging and cat form damage.
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User Info: Slayer1217

4 years ago#4
Is it alright to make IBG my first item and then build tanky after that?

User Info: FFFanboy78912

4 years ago#5
Considering that ibg is a tanky item itself, i'd say so. You may want to just build glacial shroud first, build something else, then finish ibg.

User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#6
Boots of mobility
Sunfire Cape

Doesn't matter.
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  3. What is the cookie cutter top lane Nidalee build?

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