Maxing Tiger then Bear on Udyr

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User Info: TomorrowDog

4 years ago#11
Tiger Udyr alone has enough damage to do whatever he wants to do and Phoenix can be redundant, whereas Bear gives him the mobility to roam faster and helps his one big problem which is trying to catch enemies.

Udyr is very potent, but pumping a bunch of points in to shields or more damage is only worth it if you can accomplish something with that. He doesn't need that crap to clear because 2-3 points in Q and a madred's razor and he destroys his jungle. Otherwise, in an encounter the biggest thing for him is landing that first or second stun to pump out his damage.
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User Info: ArtosRC

4 years ago#12
Bingo. Even before he gets BotrK, his Tiger DoT is more than enough of a bit of initial damage to turn a 1v1 in the jungle in his favor, and it wrecks large creeps and buff creeps. Phoenix is nice for the 2-4 bit of jungling, but after your first back, you should have a Razor (or a Longsword and Boots, if you're rushing BotrK). Once this happens, your clearing skyrockets. It's just scary.
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User Info: Drakethecake

4 years ago#13
Tiger udyr lv 2 ganks are awesome
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