My desktop is league related.

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User Info: Bapps44

4 years ago#41
From: Dartkun | #159

User Info: ssj4supervegeta

4 years ago#42

some of my desktops are League related.

over half of them are bulbasaur related.
LoL summoner: Vejitables

User Info: SyphinHiroshima

4 years ago#43
My current desktop is a mess so not an actual screenshot of my desktop, but the wallpaper I use is league releated.
Gamertag and PSN ID: WolvesFable
"If you want everything, you will end up with nothing" - Lulu, Final Fantasy X

User Info: mrg59

4 years ago#44
Arken101 posted...
My level
get on it

Yea but when I look at his I don't think the pc belongs to a creepy weirdo.

Yours I do.
IGN- Kitts

User Info: Metalzdragon

4 years ago#45

My desktop is definitely league related
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  3. My desktop is league related.

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