The reason LoL is the most popular MOBA is because of its Champions.

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User Info: PirahnoPlantman

4 years ago#111
From: StupidMofoz | #106
There are people who enjoy characters that are way out there, with a lot of personality behind them. Until I see the champions in league having as much voice clips as the Dota 2 ones, I can't really back them on being good characters. Just random archetypes since at the moment they are forgettable. Nothing about them makes the person go "wow I really want to learn more about this person."

This besides Shadow Demon another one of my favourite heroes is Bane. His character bleeds personality. Just some of his more memorable lines for me are:

From one of hero spawning lines you hear at the start:

One of his hero kill lines:

One of his lines when he purchases the Necronomicon:

David Scully did a good job on all the heroes he did voices for though to be honest. Bane is probably one of my favourite though. Eternal Free Weekend stream group is open for all :D

User Info: redd530

4 years ago#112
PirahnoPlantman posted...
I dunno I find myself wanting to play a lot of DotA 2 heroes more than LoL champions. Like Shadow Demon for example.

He was so lore OP at one point that other demons tried to destroy him.

He wasn't OP at that time. But he was a threat to the other 2 Sovereign Demons Lucifer and Nevermore cause he's trying to amass an army cult or some sorts. He was destroyed.

He was revived recently, and discovered that he was significantly more powerful than before. NOW he's OP lore-wise.

User Info: aibohphobia

4 years ago#113
Barrenite posted...
You are so infatuated with the "intricacies" of Dota 2 that you seem to have completely forgotten all of the intricacies that League has as well. Red buff, blue buff, dragon, the difference in jungle creep respawns, the larger emphasis placed on towers, the stat system, a fifth passive skill, summoner spells. masteries, runes, cost-to-stat efficiency, passive gold gain, bursh, indestructable terrain, low cooldown low cost low damage spells, shapeshifting champions, larger importance of jungler, etc, etc, etc.

- early objective promotes gameplay around them because lane phase won't end until 20 min otherwise
- no decision making in the jungle: clear camps, get gold, start respawn
- towers discouraging early aggression. towers aren't taken early because keeping it alive is the only way to deny cs.
- awful additive stat system with no diminishing returns only gives the advantage to whoever has the lead without any cap
- passives are rarely character-defining/memorable; are usually stat bonus/conversion or bonus damage of some sort (autoattack modifier)
- summoner spells are terrible replacements for item actives
- masteries and runes only as barriers to entry (mandatory grinding, pay-to-win rune/champion opportunity cost)
- rich-gets-richer stat efficiency only snowballs games harder for whoever is in the lead: playing from behind means lack of completed item AND lack of stats
- increased passive gold gain because supports are given NO alternative ways to obtain gold. coupled with the awful stat-emphasis system mentioned above they cannot contribute with minimal farm
- brush is a terrible replacement of line-of-sight/elevation
- indestructible terrain as intricacy, what?
- spammy spells coupled with spell scaling also means spells have low innate killing power and/or cc. this leads to a nasty system where whoever is ahead has a 3 second 1/4 hp spammable nuke and whoever is behind can FULLCOMBO for half-health
- "shape-shifting" champions have little to no opportunity-cost decision making since half-kits in league are created to synergize with each other as a single kit instead of a full kit providing different strengths
- "larger importance" != being the only factor able to influence lanes during early game (roaming discouraged, supports can't pull). junglers are mandatory leading to a constantly climbing standard of jungling kits

User Info: BlackBeetleborg

4 years ago#114
Hydra1432 posted...
I played DotA2 for a bit and couldn't settle on a character I actually liked through and through. While I haven't played them all, all of the ones I have played had boring as hell personalities and annoying as hell voice acting.

I love nearly all of League's characters and their voice acting(except Cho Gath)


DotA has their heroes react to each other, which is without a doubt leaps and bounds better than what LoL does. And it's not like they're repeating the same things over and over either. They have a vast selection of randomly selected lines for every action.

The game with more effort gains my respect.
LoL - BlueberryHuggles

User Info: wind64a

4 years ago#115
redd530 posted...
wind64a posted...
redd530 posted...
wind64a posted...
Different people have different tasts, that doens't neccesarily mean one of them has to be wrong.

You must be new here.

I've been on Gamefaqs for a while. I just harbor a tiny hope that eventually People will learn to have a civil discussion, sadly it does not seem like this will happen any time in the near future.

Oh. If I were you, I'd sit back and enjoy the show.

Want some popcorn?

Maybe later. Anyone else notice that Karthus wasn't mentioned as a "Skeleton"? Lich Lords need love too :(.
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User Info: The-World-Seven

4 years ago#116
this topic keeps veering into some discussion about why one game is better than the other XD

nerdfight OP derail can't be countered
My Hubris is bigger than yours.
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