Played 40 matches with each role and recorded the results. Something bothers me.

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  3. Played 40 matches with each role and recorded the results. Something bothers me.

User Info: BenWhoDrowned

4 years ago#1
Top: 21 wins, 19 losses
Mid: 25 wins, 15 losses
Support: 20 wins, 20 losses
Jungle: 30 wins, 10 losses (I only used Amumu)
ADC: 8 wins, 32 losses.

I obviously suck at playing ADCs, but I can't understand why. I find it very easy to last-hit and always out-cs my opponent. I don't make many silly mistakes in the laning phase: Normally I have 1 or 0 deaths; and depending on how well I work with my supporter (and how well I work against their bot champions), I can get a couple kills.

I also tried different ADCs: Twitch, Vayne, Varus, Caitlyn, Corki and Sivir.

No matter how well I do during lane phase, I can never carry my team. What usually happens is that during late-game teamfights, before I can dish out any damage, their 5 champions jump at me and kill me in a second. ALWAYS. I even tried buying Frozen Mallet for extra HP, but that only made me last 3 seconds instead of one.

What am I supposed to do to avoid this? I am chased for the whole teamfight and normally the rest of my team doesn't deal A LOT of damage, causing us to lose.

Help a bad player, please.

User Info: Kujja

4 years ago#2
just stay in the back and let your team protect you.

User Info: aHappySacka

4 years ago#3
Sounds like you're bad at positioning or you don't get helps from your teamates to peel for you.

Just use Ezreal or Graves as they have the tools to stay alive.
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User Info: Zenzoku

4 years ago#4
Your team needs to shut down those who chase you down. For me, usually it's their top lane that goes for me. Mostly singed or darius, who can both shut me down or drag me into the team to kill me.

You gotta reposition yourself in a way that you're not so easy to get to. You're not that much stronger than the AP carry (although obviously stronger) in terms of health, so you're going down quick if focused. Basically stay behind your support and top laner/tank.

Other than that, try to melt down their ap before you die. Or try to ambush them.

User Info: RyokoWins

4 years ago#5
While I don't know exactly what you're doing, I had the same problem for quite a while. I eventually realized that my problem was that I was getting too close. I was trying to aim for their squishy champs, but even with the longest range, I always attracted unwanted attention. These days, I just stay behind my team and aim for whoever I can reach. Sure, I'm not killing them as fast, but at least I'm putting out damage without dying.

Hope this helps.
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User Info: UnderwaterAir

4 years ago#6
ADC is incredibly team dependent. If your team cannot protect you against enemy assassins or bruisers then you will contribute nothing to your team. Stay behind your team at all times and know how to kite.

I know because I'm an ADC main. If my team sucks, it doesn't matter how good I am because I will just die before I can do anything. S3 is the league of bruisers/warmog. ADC is less effective than in S2.
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User Info: BenWhoDrowned

4 years ago#7
How can I learn to position myself better in teamfights? I'm looking for a guide in solomid right now but not having much success. Watching streams, maybe?

User Info: ZimmianZisk

4 years ago#8
Try Kog'Maw and Tristanna. For those late game teamfights, they will outrange the enemy team in pretty much every regard. Stay behind your team, and never start the engagement.

If you seem to be unable to survive, get your team to start the fight without you. enter a second or three after that, when the enemy team has burned all their cooldowns. you won't get melted as fast, then. Though I do expect whoever DOES get killed outright there will get mad at you for not being there to get killed instead.
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  3. Played 40 matches with each role and recorded the results. Something bothers me.

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