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User Info: jats605

4 years ago#1
Where is Irelia's damage supposed to come from?
Her Q, which has 1:1 AD scaling
Her W, which is True Damage
Her E, which is a slow/stun and a single target nuke
Or her R, which is just kind of there?

I'm honestly not sure which ability I should be maxing first in-lane.
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User Info: Paranoia2mb

4 years ago#2
Irelia's damage is from auto-attacks. W in most situations.

User Info: megadude1

4 years ago#3
I max E first typically because of the stun. then max W for the TD. Generally, play safe farm til around 8-9. then you start harassing hard
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User Info: zeppelin312

4 years ago#4
R>W>E>Q usually

User Info: Carbonights

4 years ago#5
Get E, W, Q, then max W.

Damage should be coming from auto-attacks. Irelia's skills are mostly for utility (though they are deceptively powerful as well).

Q Should be used for getting to an opponent or finishing off creeps you can't get with an auto-attack. It should probably be maxed last since it serves its purpose at all levels and doesn't gain much from leveling it.

E Should be used for slowing enemies who are running away or stunning when running from an enemy that has the edge on you (or stunning them to initiate if you start out with less health than them). This gets stun time on levels so it's definitely worth maxing quick.

R you obviously level up when you can and spam it fairly liberally.

User Info: Diorte

4 years ago#6
R>W>Q>E in lane if you plan on farming all day.
R>W>E>Q if you plan to actually engage on your target with some ganks.
Your damage comes from nicely timed Sheen procs along with your ult and sitting on someone with your W. Irelia can get like eight Sheen procs off in a fight.

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