I'm considering getting this game.

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User Info: WH1TE_N1GHT13

4 years ago#1
Can anyone explain what the point of it is? I've seen videos, and I'm still lost lol! Is there a reason why the champions fight? Or is it just a pick up and play, who really cares what the backstory is kind of game?
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User Info: lightdragoon88

4 years ago#2

best to say it a....team tower defense/strategy game.

User Info: kiba312

4 years ago#3
There is a back-story to it but I prefer you only read it when your bored
Just saying, every champ fight for their own reason
oh noes 0.o

User Info: Ultraknight64

4 years ago#4
It is a long epic spanning generations of heroes combating each other for glory and honor. It has a long expansive story that is emotionally moving and each champion has extensive lore detailing all of their exploits and relationships. LoL has a great immersive story that really makes you attached to each champion.

Everything above is a lie :D
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User Info: Ryliks

4 years ago#5
For me personally it was such a game, I wanted to try it out, didn't care for the story and just played.
While you play and find Champions you do like, you do care about their personal backstory and what ties them into the "league" etc. and that's ur entry into this games backstory.
The factions : Noxus, Demacia, the Ionainas, Yordles and so forth.
Some others I know read every champs story in the first month of playing this game and all that.
It really is personal preference =)

User Info: WH1TE_N1GHT13

4 years ago#6
sounds cool, my biggest problem was not knowing why the heck they were even fighting but i think i get it based on the lore video.
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User Info: HyperShadow4321

4 years ago#7
It's pretty much just a competitive 5v5 game... with tower defense elements. There is a lot of lore/background for different characters, but from what I've read it is all kinda silly and irrelevant. People don't play it for the "story", just the competitive aspect.

Sorta like how so many people skipped or never finished Starcraft II's story and just played multiplayer.

User Info: ryana

4 years ago#8
Plus, why not get it? It's FREE!
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  3. I'm considering getting this game.

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