Your last played champion invites you to dinner...

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User Info: SyphinHiroshima

4 years ago#61
Nidalee. I am her dinner. Joy...
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4 years ago#62
well tryndamere is smexy sure i go
"I think different than you sir,and im here to stay, no matter how hard you close your eyes i'll be here" GANONDORFIVY

User Info: EcchiBaka

4 years ago#63
InfestedAdam posted...
Lux so yes. She seems normal enough that nothing bizarre should happen.

I can only imagine the public stares that'll commence when you start a conversation with Lux and she begins to laugh...
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User Info: IceBlueDrgn

4 years ago#64
Xin Zhao


Guess I'll have to be a man.
Favorite game of 2013 - Ni No Kuni - Currently playing Ni No Kuni (Going for Platinum) - Fire Emblem: Awakening
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User Info: TeeHunter13

4 years ago#65

I guess we'll go as bros.
And now, I'm thinking again, isn't there
something we can do about something we can't do anything about?

User Info: KeepItCivil

4 years ago#66
From: AfroSquirrel | #011
From: Metleon | #010
Zyra. Not sure if that means she'd make me eat my vegetables or make me not eat them.

She'd make your vegetables eat you.

Bristleback! Boo no BB this round! Fail valve releasing poopdusa over the indefatigueable bristleback surely hes next up - Hail_Berserk

User Info: fatalberty1

4 years ago#67
Nurse Akali...

after shes going to test me for testicular cancer :) .

hell ya My FF:VII video.Black 2 FC: 0691-3774-5625
"Men not cry for themselves, but for their comrades."

User Info: Dogmanwalking

4 years ago#68

So, uh, you carry that scroll around everywhere, huh?

User Info: BigTee66

4 years ago#69
Wu ju, like a cup of tea?
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