Champion & Skin Sale: Thievery! (2/19 - 2/22)

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User Info: Somnambulistic

4 years ago#1

Spellthief Lux - 487 RP
Scarlet Hammer Poppy - 487 RP
Charred Maokai - 487 RP


Renekton - 440 RP
Nidalee - 395 RP
Nami - 487 RP

Skin sale is ass, champ sale is okay. Nami being on sale is nice and Lizardtrain is my husbandu.
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User Info: Paranoia2mb

4 years ago#2
Nami is on sale already wtf?

User Info: sunfalcon9

4 years ago#3
I dislike

User Info: Z-911-Z

4 years ago#4
Don't hate on Scarlet Hammer Poppy.

User Info: xngen

4 years ago#5, i was about to click on spell thief lux

User Info: FvP

4 years ago#6
Noooo, wrong Poppy skin!

Still going to pick it up though
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User Info: Lord Sojiro

Lord Sojiro
4 years ago#7
Foxfire Ahri where!?
Oh no! It's Idiot power!

User Info: DreDayy

4 years ago#8
i just bought renekton....
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User Info: BerserkFGriffth

4 years ago#9
Spellthief Lux is the best skin in the game, by the way.

User Info: Ultoman2

4 years ago#10
Steel Legion master race
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