How do you usually decide your next champ?

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User Info: PrisonChile

4 years ago#1
I am having such a hard time choosing who to buy/learn next. I got three rune slots for ap mids, adcs, and a jungle. But idk who to learn next. top 3 choices are nocturn, lux or cait.

Idk, how do you usually decide? Or should I choose one of them?
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User Info: JackDaniels1964

4 years ago#2
I go with whoever is the most OP ATM
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User Info: PraetorianGhost

4 years ago#3
Sales of the week. If there is a skin or champ I like that I wouldn't normally get I get them. It's how I found the greatness in hecarim and zyra
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User Info: Ultraknight64

4 years ago#4
Whoever is sleeper op.
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User Info: iiTryhard

4 years ago#5
JackDaniels1964 posted...
I go with whoever is the most OP ATM
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User Info: MizunoRyuu

4 years ago#6
I bought everyone in order from oldest to newest. So get whoever's been out the longest. Or do what Ghost does and buy everyone whenever they're on sale.
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User Info: Soul_Pancake

4 years ago#7
i usually buy either the cutest or the douchiest champs, but sometimes i get hipsters so people wouldn't know how to handle my swag/play style

User Info: XcZeus3469

4 years ago#8
impulse buys
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User Info: mrich528

4 years ago#9
spur of the moment decision every time i get enough IP
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User Info: Barrenite

4 years ago#10
Shop>Sort by Price>oh hey this one is at the top
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  3. How do you usually decide your next champ?

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