Evelynn or Shaco

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User Info: Blackmoth01

4 years ago#1
Which one is more op?

User Info: Klaatu18

4 years ago#2
It seems as though shaco is more powerful. From what i've heard he is pretty hard to stop at even high elos

User Info: Darkemaste

4 years ago#3
Do you really think either are currently op in their current state?

Their both so nerfed in most cases you are better off going tanky AP than glass cannon on both, Eve has a 3 second sprint while Shaco has a blink to escape.
AP Eve's ult could actually do less damage than her auto-attacks on someone depending on how much damage they have already taken and it is her only means of cc while Shaco has a fear and a ranged slow that isn't on a ridiculous cd.

Neither are op but TAPS Shaco was already a thing before S3 because it was actually viable.
Seriously though, how often do you see them now compared to other hamps like Kat, Fizz, Akali, or even Kass?
Common sense seems to be more uncommon.
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