What is Teemo's auto attack range?

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User Info: Smishhh

4 years ago#11
CNLSanders posted...
I did. And I didn't find Teemo's range, and I found that Darius' pull is 550. Not quite sure how Teemo counters Darius.

Its right on the first page under statistics in the wiki next to the useless bar graphs. Or you can go to http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Range to compare everyones autoattacks.

As for Teemo countering Darius, I don't really agree with that. Darius can deal massive amounts of damage while blinded, so Teemo can't engage him. You can kite and harrass for a while and chip him down, but if he catches you in one combo it'll equal it out instantly.

User Info: 04Dark

4 years ago#12
From: CNLSanders | Posted: 2/19/2013 8:07:44 PM | #006
Not quite sure how Teemo counters Darius.

He doesn't.
Trust me, I've tried that match up enough to know Teemo doesn't counter Darius.
Teemo dies every single time.
If Darius had a little less range on him, Teemo could possibly take him.
But Teemo takes Garen, Volibear, any other completely unranged champion any day.
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User Info: mystic belmont

mystic belmont
4 years ago#13
As both a garen player and a teemo player, I know that teemo can poke garen to death, if garen allows him.
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