1st pick is Kha'zix top lane

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User Info: Vorone

4 years ago#1
I pick Elise jungle, later the enemy team picks singed top lane.

Me: "Kha we should switch roles so singed doesn't destroy you"
Kha: "LOL I got this dude"

I end up having to babysit top lane because Kha gets pwnd, ends up going 3-10 and singed roflstomps our team.

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User Info: L0Iumad

4 years ago#2

User Info: Bapps44

4 years ago#3
From: L0Iumad | #002

User Info: Trevorkkho

4 years ago#4
L0Iumad posted...

Yeah, first pick commonly banned champ is a huge gamble as they lack practice on them and usually just fail
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