2/2 in my placement matches

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User Info: kkeevv

4 years ago#1
Dealing with random attempting to reconnect issues is fun, though I can't really blame my two losses on them. My last loss was due to me letting an ally take teemo for adc when I should have taken him top. I ended up having to go singed and frankly, singed just doesn't have the power needed to take down a fed akali without going way out of your way as far as build. The first loss was reasonable...I think. I don't actually remember it.

Also, it seems to be that ranked players apply the neversurrender.jpg to everything. Or maybe it was just that one game? Is W/L record the only thing that's accounted in league placement or does it take anything else into the equation?

Also, opinions on my main champions for each role please.
Top: Teemo or Akali
Mid: I don't have a main for mid, just whoever I feel like playing
ADC: Same deal, I own almost all of them.
Support: Thresh or Zyra
Jungle: Fiddlesticks...okay, I know I need a better jungler that doesn't get banned (IE mumu)
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User Info: anilEhilated

4 years ago#2
You need a bruiser somewhere in there.
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User Info: kkeevv

4 years ago#3
my bruiser play is kinda...crappy. I own yorick, udyr, xin, and quite a few of the others. They just don't really...fit me. I always play like I'm more powerful than I am. Same issue with Singed.
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User Info: FlareZero

4 years ago#4
If you didn't rank in preseason or previous seasons, then yes, placements will determine where you are. You have a hidden matchmaking rating (MMR) that goes up and down on losses and it varies depending on the MMR of your opponents and team members.

You need more options all around. Otherwise, you should be sticking to a role. For instance, if you had to go top and they chose Darius, you'd be boned. There's no way you're going to win that lane unless the other player is really bad (you can pray, but you can't rely on them being worse than you all the time). It just seems like you can't really fill top, mid, or jungler to help fit different team comps at all. I'd just stick to ADC or support and get good at it so you can win more games (both aren't really fought over while drafting).
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User Info: DeadpooL7

4 years ago#5
Stop playing ranked... honestly youre not good enough.

You seem way to limited in what you can do. Fiddle is your only jungle? Hes sort of situational (you need a tanky team with initiation outside of the jungle). Teemo is one of you tops? He should really only be a counterpick imo. I also read 'whoever I feel like playing mid' as youre not that great as any mid.

Save yourself the bronze placement and stop now and come back in like 100 wins where you learn more types of champs, especially big CC/initiation champs (thats usually what will win you the game and why Malph/Amumu are banned so often).

Again I dont mean to be mean but your gonna be upset with your placement probably and you cant get a do over. Better to wait.

User Info: kkeevv

4 years ago#6
I said mains...the amount of champs I have available to me that I can play at somewhat acceptable levels would be a pain in the ass to put down. Those are just the ones that I'm the best at.
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User Info: CNLSanders

4 years ago#7
1) Choose Akali
2) Go Mid
3) Get a kill
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