I played a match as Brand

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User Info: Zenzoku

4 years ago#21
Played as fiddlesticks.

Got reported for all caps spam

User Info: -Hydreigon-

4 years ago#22
Played a match as Trynd.

I raged pretty hard.
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User Info: aznjdude

4 years ago#23
Played as Rammus it was a stomp fest
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User Info: AK47plz

4 years ago#24
Played as Janna, game was a breeze.

User Info: earthmaster3

4 years ago#25
I had to play as Kennen in a shocking turn of events
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User Info: Kevman510

4 years ago#26
I played a game as Malphite

But he was too hard.


User Info: The_Knight_Lite

4 years ago#27
Was playing a game as Nocturne,

but then it got too dark to keep going.
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User Info: drrl

4 years ago#28
Played a game as Sejuani, it was a tough match because our jung sucked and bot fed.

User Info: MegaSTV

4 years ago#29
I just carried a game as Draven.

Axe me anything.
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User Info: XxMistahKrazyxX

4 years ago#30
Played Kat

Still have all 9 lives
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