About to do my first ranked match...

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User Info: SpoonyMangos

4 years ago#1
After a month or so of endless playing, and I am finally level 30 and ready to start ranked. I do have a group of 4 other friends I play with, but ill probably do solo as well as team. I was wondering if there was any general tips i should know before starting my placement matches? I generally play adcs or mids, but im decent with a teemo or darius top. The only jungler I have is ww and the only support I have is soraka. I know this is a pretty open ended question but I guess im just nervous to be placed in a ranking! Thanks for your help guys

User Info: POkemon_PoWeR

4 years ago#2
If you just hit 30, then please don't.
For the love of everything that is good, please don't.
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User Info: SpoonyMangos

4 years ago#3
0_o oh boy that scares me. I'd like to believe im pretty decent, the friends I play with are silver ranked and I usually do comparably okay, but maybe im over confident, oh boy.

User Info: Gevauden

4 years ago#4
Play SoloQ normals for a good feel of how random ppl u get grouped up with turns out, trust me t won't be a pleasant ride but from the raging flames of hell you will learn many valuable lessons on how to handle them and make them better so they can work as a team instead of lowering their morale so they ragequit.

Play many Normals game Soloq then and only then when U know every role and can handle every lane then try ranked cuz in ranked you must be ready to fill any spot since the soloq ppl can be stubborn if they don't get what they want.

GL and I hope your Silver friends taught you well, always remember everyone should Ward not just the support or jungler.
LOL ign - Gonk

User Info: SpoonyMangos

4 years ago#5
Yes i've noticed in my solo games how stubborn people can gettttt. Its a real shame to see it ya know. This is more of a general question but Ive always been confused about the different types of ranked matches. Say if I do solo ranked and team ranked, will i have two different ratings for ranked? And dont worry I almost always ward, especially when they have a xin...

User Info: Lithsp

4 years ago#6
Play loads of draft pick normals before hitting ranked.

User Info: SpoonyMangos

4 years ago#7
Thats what I've been doing since level 20, I should of just done draft pick since the beginning it seems to be better in every way honestly

User Info: Appleframer

4 years ago#8
SpoonyMangos posted...
Say if I do solo ranked and team ranked, will i have two different ratings for ranked?

Not only are the two separate, but each team you are on is ranked separately as well.

If you can put together a team, then by all means go ahead - you have nothing to lose. When the team fails miserably, you have the option of scrapping it and starting over fresh at any time.
I'd suggest holding off on doing solo queue ranked for a little while longer - you can only do your placement matches once and if you screw it up (as you are more likely to do as a fresh lvl 30) you'll be starting at the very bottom rung of the ladder. Build up your champ pool and get a little more experience under your belt first imo.

User Info: SpoonyMangos

4 years ago#9
hmm okay I think that is a good idea. So potentially it is possible to be ranked bronze in solo and have your team be ranked gold or silver or any other rank is another? Interesting...

User Info: TaintedCatalyst

4 years ago#10
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