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User Info: Vrindlvine

4 years ago#1
This topic is really simple combine 2 of any champ to make a super champ. Basically their abilities overlap Q with Q - W with W etc. Bonus points if you manage to combine lee sin with any transform champ without your brain exploding. (even thinking about Lejace hurts...)

Heres an easy example to get you started

Daren, the Hand of Noxmacia

Passive: Persevering Hemmorage
When Daren hasnt suffered damage for 10 seconds he gains fast health regen, in addition his basic attacks and abilites apply a stack of bleed up to 5 times which deals magic damage and enhances his skills. Daren gains 5% movespeed for each bleeding target as well as reducing the cooldown of perseverence by 1 second per stack on any champion up to 5 seconds.

Decisive Decimate
Daren breaks free of all slows effecting him and gains a speed boost for a short time when he attacks a target within 5 seconds he spins around dealing damage in a circle as well as silencing all enemies hit. Enemies hit by the blade of his weapon take 50% more damage.

Crippling Courage
Daren passively gains 20% increased bonus armor and magic resist,
When cast Daren readies a low blow which does increased damage to his next target and slows their movement and attack speed. In addition while this attack is readied Daren takes 30% reduced damage and has 30% tenacity. The base cooldown of this skill is reduced by 1 second for each stack of persevering hemmorage on the target.

Aprehending Judgement
Daren passively gains bonus % armor penetration
Daren pulls in all nearby enemies then spins dealing damage every half second. He may move through enemies while performing this skill but does so at 75% speed. This ability does 75% damage to minions.

Guillotine Judgment
Daren calls upon the might of Noxmacia to execute an enemy champion this ability deals base magic damage plus a small amount for each point of health the enemy champion is missing in addition this ability deals base true damage increased by 20% for each stack of persevering hemmorage on the target. If this attack kills its target then Daren may cast Guillotine for 12 seconds which only inflicts true damage.

Have fun!
Fanservice in mai bioshocks!?!
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