What do you drink while playing League of Legends?

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User Info: chowder205

4 years ago#11
TheIceRaptor posted...
I like drinking Iced tea when i play LoL

I also like drinking iced tea when i don't play LoL

go figure.
I <3 Rundas

User Info: megaman915

4 years ago#12
i usually just drink a can or 5 of sunkist
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User Info: Ninjapleas3

4 years ago#13
I like to drink rum when I play LoL.

I also like to drink rum when I don't play LoL.

Go figure.

User Info: slate_junco

4 years ago#14
Water, it's the quenchiest.

User Info: VikillaV

4 years ago#15

User Info: Dartkun

4 years ago#16
Monster is good, NOS sometimes, strawberry banana juice, OJ, and a LOT of water. I drink water when I am bored so I go through like 9 bottles a day or so.
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User Info: Rabid_Mexican

4 years ago#17
I drink a salt encrusted Season 3 goblet filled to the brim with the tears of my fallen enemies.
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User Info: XxMistahKrazyxX

4 years ago#18
i drink in the rage from my opponents....

other than that, whatever is in the fridge

User Info: Cookie Bag

Cookie Bag
4 years ago#19
Give me my god DAMN TEA!

User Info: TheSchref

4 years ago#20
Water, grape juice, and once in a while I'll have some soda.
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