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User Info: Dogmanwalking

4 years ago#1
Our Yi managed in a teamfight to kill 4 of the enemy team and was chasing the last champ who had one hit left. To bad for him our Garen sprang from the Bush and KS'd his Penta :D. I Lol'd.

User Info: FFFanboy78912

4 years ago#2
I stole a penta by accident once. We just won a fight at baron where our vayne had gotten a quadra at the cost of the rest of the team besides me(wukong) dying and we were both very low health. The enemy team's full health ryze comes out and i kite him to vayne sitting in one of the jungle bushes. We chain cc him with my ult and her condemn and I kill ryze with the very last tick of my ult.

User Info: TheSteelPhoenix

4 years ago#3
the only pentas I got was with fiora (ive only played her a few times, both times i got a penta), and then one with hecarim (at level 7 too, i remember laughing at how well it turned out), and then one with elise.

User Info: Alchemist94

4 years ago#4
Got a penta as Rengar today. Thought I'd be stuck with a quadra but the last guy ran into a bush.

Stupid bastard.
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User Info: redd530

4 years ago#5
Got a Penta with Zed the other day. I was late in a teamfight (they got counterganked while I was still on the way), with 3 of my allies dead. Almost all of them were in low health and stupidly clustered together. One Zed Ulti and 3 seconds later, PENTAKILL.

User Info: Metleon

4 years ago#6
I think I stole a penta at one point by accident. They only had a double kill at that point so I just kept dealing damage in the teamfight.

Only pentakill I ever got was with Jax in a bot game. Nearly got a quadra the other day as Rammus but the fountain killed me before I could get the last kill.
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