Akali easiest champ to counter ever.

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User Info: Vrrrooom

4 years ago#11
Pink wards make any champ a counter ;)

User Info: Deanyzy

4 years ago#12
SergeantGander posted...
I personally love to play Lux as Akali. My teammates usually say something about me being dumb or whatever. Pre-6 I completely zone her, and usually pick up a kill or so. Then come 6, just play more passively and poke her down.

Um, just wondering, is there anyone that absolutely trashes Lux in lane? I feel like with her early zoning capabilities she can pretty much hang onto any lane she is in.

I don't think Lux has a lot of bad match ups.

One matchup that isn't in her favour is Yi, she can't really do anything to him if he's smart with Meditate as she can't disrupt it plus he can dodge her crap with a nicely timed Q. A good Kat will do well against her since her gap closer is instant and she can't be hit with Binding during it and Lux has no way of disrupting Kat so she has freedom to harass if Lux misses Binding.

Basically anyone with instant gap closers can hurt her a lot, she doesn't really have an answer to channelled abilities either. She can play incredibly lame and never give you a chance to get in range though.

User Info: darkman95

4 years ago#13
She's easy to counter in lane, the problem is late game. It is very easy for her to snowball. You can shut her down and deny her CS all laning phase, but come teamfights she will still kill your ADC and APC in half a second flat and escape with her W
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User Info: _HeX

4 years ago#14
You want to faceroll Akali in lane? Pick Galio, laugh hysterically as you watch her struggle to CS and lose every single trade when you engage on her.
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