Should I be rushing a Runaan's Hurricane for AP Teemo?

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User Info: Badmood136

4 years ago#11
Not an item to rush out. All it gives you is attack speed, which is no good if you have no damage to back it up. Items like Mask -> Liandry's, Rabadon's, and Malady take precedence.
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User Info: _HeX

4 years ago#12
Ignore people suggestion Hurricane, Malady and whatever.
You'll get the most damage out of this build;

Sorc boots, Liandry's, Deathcap, DFG, Lich Bane and Void Staff.
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User Info: MIG297

4 years ago#13
It's great if your team needs someone to split push but not really worth it other than that.

User Info: 6MonthMark

4 years ago#14
I disagree with people here. It's the item that makes him a teamfight presence, but you have to be smart about it. What makes a pro Teemo player is figuring out ahead of time where the teamfights will happen. Rarely do they happen in just one place in a lane. They move. So place shrooms around the area. Go into battle with one in the pack at least.

I build Liandry's and Berserker's Greaves. Then Rabs. Then Hurricane. Again, your minion clear will be insane. Make sure you take teleport. You split push like a boss, teleport into fights. Throwing a Blinding Dart and a few autoattacks in, back off, repeat. Their team can't ignore you, but as long as you dodge CC and stay clear of gap closers, you will poke like crazy on them. You can also usually wreck their tanks at this point.
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User Info: Colegreen_c12

4 years ago#15
boots -> malady -> sorc shoes -> liandrys -> deathcap -> hurricane/void/lich bane

User Info: SexualPizza

4 years ago#16
B01t posted...
I'd use something like:
Liandry's, Deathcap, Rylais, Nashors, then Hurricane. Not certain about the order, but Liandry's and Deathcap are must haves, and Nashor's is great on ap teemo too, after you have plenty of ap. Hurricane would be pretty good too, once teamfights start up.

Don't get a Nashor's. Please. AP Teemo running a Nashor's is stupid. You don't need the CDR, the item is expensive, and AS can be obtained from tons of other items.

Better yet, just stop playing AP Teemo.

On hit > AP

can't tell you how many AP Teemos i've wrecked 1v1.

Sorc Shoes > Wit's > Hextech > FM > BT > Situational (Zephyr, GA, Banshee's, etc.)

But as for the original question, Hurricane is completely situational. Most of the time you do NOT want to rush it. Only rush it if your team/you are getting wrecked and you desperately need farm. You can also get it if you decide you're just gonna split push the whole game. Otherwise, grab something like Malady or Liandrys. (Or both)
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User Info: cautionifeed

4 years ago#17
take either ghost/flash or tp if you think you're gonna get pushed out of lane
Stay in lane until you can buy runaans hurricane
buy banner of command if you can
Go back in lane
Put shrooms everywhere
Push and harass
Wait until they go back to buy or leave to help their team
If someone is coming to your lane hide somewhere until they leave
Once they leave push
When you get inhib, go back to base
buy switness boots with captain enchantment and lots of ad/atkspd items
then go to bot lane
and push
Once you get bot inhib
hide in their base
if you see your minions coming
push with them
try to take at least one turret
once they come, hide in their base
keep killing the inhibs once they spawn
as long as every other lane was even,
you should win
they can never win because they always have to defend
and they will never catch you
remember to always put down shrooms while in lane
by the end of the game you should at least have 400 cs
for masteries take the increased damage to towers

User Info: EDumey

4 years ago#18
Eh, I skipped a lot of posts in this topic because the degree of advice given is rather scattered. I'll just post what I've had success with, though I generally only take Teemo in matchups where I know I can win (Olaf/Darius/Shen/Sometimes Jayce though that can go bad real fast) though typically Teemo is a win lane/lose game sort of champ. I have absolutely stomped Shens (like them having ~30 CS around 15 minutes) before in lane but still lost because Shen could spend his time porting out and having 5v5's while I was too slow trying to move away from lane.

A lot of Teemo matchups like Olaf and Darius are reliant on dodging their one CC skill that will destroy you. Olaf is probably Teemo's easiest matchups, but if the Olaf is good enough to chain axe you, you will get destroyed. Because of this, I generally start Boots/pots. But if you're afraid of jungle presence, you can start 9pot/2ward or redelixer/4pot/ward. Really just depends on your playstyle. I find Teemo generally doesn't need that many potions if he's playing his lane well.

After that you have two main options. Malady or Haunting Guise. Generally, Haunting Guise is the better option in every scenario, as it transitions very well into mid and late game, and is the component for Liandrys, a core item for Teemo. But if you get HG first, you are probably going to want to skip Malady altogether. The scenario in which you get Malady is when your opponent is dumb enough to come up for CS even through your harass and you're confident you can get off a solid 3-4 attacks on them all the time. I other words. Malady will let you STOMP the lane, if your opponent is dumb enough for it. It's the equivalent to buying an excess of like 3 dorans in that it gives you an amazing early game presence. It just doesn't scale that well in terms of slot efficiency for late game. If you're only ever to shoot off one auto at your opponent, you're going to be doing more damage with Haunting Guise and an Auto-Q combo.

Here's where Teemo gets his beauty, because he can go SO many different routes from here. If you started Malady, get Haunting Guise > Liandrys and you're ready for mid game. If you started Haunting Guise, go ahead and grab a Phage before finishing Liandrys. Need MORE Attack Speed? Nashor's Tooth gives everything a Teemo could ever want. It's also the better AS choice when compared to Hurricane.

I would suggest not getting Hurricane unless your main focus is split pushing. This is a valid strategy, but generally not the most useful. It will not be as useful in team fight as you really think it will. If you're in range to be hitting three people with autos, you're likely dead, or just playing Teemo wrong. You have Peel and SUPER high Single Target DPS. You can basically assassinate people with the most annoying champ in the game, you don't need a ton of team fight presence.

General build could look something like this Sorc Shoes / Malady / Liandry's / Frozen Mallet / Nashor's Tooth / Void Staff

Penetration is more important than flat AP for Teemo, but Zerker's Greaves are generally interchangeable for Sorc Shoes and if you skipped Malady there is no problem grabbing a Deathcap for that slot instead. Deathfire Grasp also works there, or as a replacement for Void Staff.

Just the last thing I want to stress is the importance of at least one tanky item. I use Frozen Mallet for the additional on-hit effect it gives to Teemo, helping with catching people and for your own personal kiting. But the fact stands that Teemo has a global taunt. People will kill you when they see the opportunity. A squishy Teemo is a useless Teemo. Before AP got so popular on him, bruiser Teemo was the ideal way to go, and that still works. You want that health. You want to be able to duel someone beyond a single Blind. You flat out need durability. Could you just go for a straight Warmogs? Sunfire Cape for more split pushing? Sure why not. I just prefer Frozen Mallet.
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