So how strong is Darius, really?

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User Info: ThyCorndog

4 years ago#1
I get the impression he's a pub-stomper but easily countered by people who actually know how to play

I have yet to start ranked (only got to 30 a few days ago) so I'm not sure what people actually think about him

Ever since I started playing, people have been crying that Darius is op, but is he?
I used to think so too, because, why not? Everyone else seemed to think so... but now I'm not so sure.
Hey what's going on in this thread
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User Info: DaddyZeus67

4 years ago#2
He's decent in the right hands, but def. not OP.

User Info: Badmood136

4 years ago#3
He's a lane bully that can snowball in his lane off of one kill. But he's easily kited, especially if he misses his grab.
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User Info: redd530

4 years ago#4
People say he's OP cause he can KS real good.

User Info: Reaper_Minion

4 years ago#5

User Info: steamwr4p

4 years ago#6
He's very strong against most melee champions, and he snowballs his lane very well. His base damage is really high. His main problem tho, is that he is very easily kited.
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User Info: CelticsHomerPro

4 years ago#7
i play khazix he aint strong against me.
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User Info: GetHighAndPlay

4 years ago#8
He is most def a lane bully and one of the top champs at doing that job, but keep this in mind. He has to walk up to you to get his combo off or you have to be caught in a bad spot.

Hes also difficult to build against early game as his main sorce of damage is physical but his bleed stacks do magic damage.

Hes just a very strong early game champion only a few champs can all in him early game people with nice burst (Xin,Irelia,Vi,Riven,ect)

Its best not to fight him unless you got the advantage or he makes a mistake, just stay near your minions and force him to push lane if he wants to harass you then freeze lane at tower and he will be out of luck.
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User Info: ThyCorndog

4 years ago#9
this is what I pretty much figured
almost everyone I play with keeps insisting he's really OP

but I've noticed that they could name more OP champs than balanced or underpowered ones

Hey what's going on in this thread
My friend's YouTubes. She's got LP's and stuff.

User Info: Darkemaste

4 years ago#10
My only complaint is when he's starving his team and come lategame he isn't doing much to the enemy and we end up losing the game.

Especially when he blames everyone else for losing.
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  3. So how strong is Darius, really?

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