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User Info: Scr3w3dUp

4 years ago#11
Badmood136 posted...

The worst enemy of Akali's lane-mate isn't Akali, it's his own teammates. Stupid bot shoves all game and gets double killed by 0-3 Akali and she then stomps all over them every time they come back to lane. QQ

QFT. You can deny Akali exp and gold as much as you want, if your teammates are stupid your effort is wasted.
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User Info: thecrossnkight

4 years ago#12
brand eats akali.

There is nothing she can do against him, especially since he can just rush rylais + abyssal, still deal damage, and tank her easily.

If she dashes onto him he can just EQW and she's stunned (+slowed with rylais). If she rushes gunblade and a creep is nearby, R will kill her everytime at this point.
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User Info: lrathge

4 years ago#13
Akali is my main top champ. You can't fully shut down an akali because she doesnt need a lot of kills to be a factor in a game. If you go tanky she will just combo you down for a gank. And if you go squishy ... well your dead. However....

1. Vision wards screw akali's over.

2. Rengar. If you can top as rengar and you see an akali picked then you pick rengar. His slow has more range then her q. Therefore you can hit her with your slow and pounce on her before you can get a move off. Also his ult is like a vision ward.

3. Be aggressive pre level six because once she hits level six and can use her ult 3 times. You will and I mean will get attacked all the way to your tower and then some depending on your health.

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