Why would anyone make a Smurf account?

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User Info: PhoenixNine

4 years ago#21
200 year ban.
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User Info: stascakbw07

4 years ago#22
From: EDumey | #005
I made mine in order to play with low level friends. But I've won too much on it and it still drags them up to an Elo where we get smurfs every single game that they just can't compete with/I sometimes can't outcarry.

So now I get on it every once in a while to just play a stress free game where I can do something silly and know that I will be able to outplay my lane opponent. Is that bad and a bit unfair to those lower level people? Yeah, but I can't really avoid that if I'm simply trying to level the smurf up to the point where I can join ranked on it.

This happened to me too.

I made a smurf to play with a low level friend.

Then I proceeded to play singed and it seems people just don't know how to deal with him at low levels, causing me to win and carry in every single game for my first 40 or so games on the account give or take a few random losses.

The result? When I actually was playing with the newbie friend, he was out of his league with the other smurfs that I'd eventually gotten stuck with.

Long story short, the only benefit this had for the friend is that the enemies at least weren't runed and masteried to a perfect edge yet. However, those are nothing in the face of a little bit of skill anyway.
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  3. Why would anyone make a Smurf account?

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