I need a lot of tips here...

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User Info: pheonix_thief

4 years ago#11
make sure you have the right runes/masteries to jungle. It seems obvious to some, but the number of people ive seen jungle without the most basic of runes giving things like armour. Check what the right runes to have are.
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User Info: shadyelf

4 years ago#12
From: Tactician_Lord | #008
So tanky junglers are the way to go? I ask because I honestly don`t like them...like at all. Yeah, I`m the kind of guy that uses champions based on how they look regardless of how good they are. I am good with all the ones I listed outside of being a jungler, it`s only that role that seems hard for me.

Yeah I can understand that, I mained Malz for a long time even though he wasn't the best pick because Void is cool.

And Hecarim is on your list and he qualifies as a tanky jungler too (missed him for some reason). He's very strong, but he's more of a late game champ (but by no means super weak early). I'd definitely try him. Ganking isn't as simple as say Maokai, but with Hec's E you can catch people even when they've spotted you with a ward. Good lane ganks as well.
Volibear works well too. So try those two for sure.
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  3. I need a lot of tips here...

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