Am I the only who thinks that Darius and Garen are extremely OP?

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User Info: rawchief

4 years ago#31
I've been playing Garen in solo Q and I think he could use a nerf in early game and a buff for late.

I'm silver 2 atm and I still haven't been heavily countered in a lane and I still tend to out CS my opponents. The only champ that I've ran into that poses a large problem is Elise. Though I could see a lulu beating me due to poly.

These are my thoughts on common champs that "counter" Garen up through silver II play and why they don't really counter him. Now, how they perform in gold and higher may change my views assuming I get there.

Jayce: Every one I've faced I've beat in lane. Yeah he can hammer you away, but if Garen's Q is active, it will still land as you are knocked away. Usually, he has just switched into hammer form, so you just chase him and zone him out. If he tries to trade, he loses the trade.

Teemo is similar to Jayce, although his harass hurts a bit more. Once he runs away from you with his speed burst, you zone him. Teemo becomes a problem post 6 once he has shrooms down making it so he doesn't have to W all of the time. So you have to beat him early.

Yorick is also another "counter" that has not countered me. He needs mana for sustain so his early gold will go to that, while your gold gets health and boots 2. Now you run through to him, wait for slow ghoul then pop q. You'll be on top of him spinning and he is too slow to get away.

Kayle is the same as jayce and teemo. You can zone her or if you have a jungler that wants to gank, you let her harass you and push the wave for a gank. Good kayles turn it into a farm lane where no one dies.

Basically, champions that have stuns or snares are the ones that can really give Garen issues. Elise is the obvious choice as not only can she web you, but she can hit you for chunks of health. Champs that can shield often can also last longer against Garen as they can absorb that spin damage.

I've been steamrolling as Garen since being put into Bronze IV and am finally starting to slow down not to losing top but actually running into opposing players that understand CC shuts me down late game even if I am fed or actually seeing teams make comps like aoe which is bad for Garen to go against.
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  3. Am I the only who thinks that Darius and Garen are extremely OP?

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