How to build Sejuani Jungle?

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User Info: FVboiani

4 years ago#1
-> Skill build
-> Iten build
-> Playing style

And also a discusion:

Is Sejuani a strong jungle? Is i true that she can be strong as Amumu? Does it worth to main her? Is she OP? Is she viable in ranked games (i am in the Silver division)


User Info: LimeInCoconut

4 years ago#2
Stacking health is most important when building items on her. Warmogs, Sunfire.

Depending on team compositions, you can focus secondarily on CDR or resistances.

She's certainly viable, and can do lots of damage by just building health and a Liandry's. Her AOE stun is ridiculous. She's certainly worth playing.

User Info: PhoenixNine

4 years ago#3
Sejuani is extremely strong, better than Amumu but takes more skill to use. She's very viable and in Silver you can easily stomp with Sej if you're good.

W Q E/W - for the first four levels, getting E if you plan on ganking when you hit level 3.

Max W after that, followed by E. Q is your 1-point wonder. R whenever you can get it - one of the very best ultimates in the game.

21 def, 9 utility. Smite and Flash. Start Blue.

Items to get:

Spirit Stone, Boots (Tabi and Mercs are usually the best choices)

Warmog as soon as you can.

Sunfire, Randuin and Locket for armor and general tankiness.

Bulwark against AP heavy teams or if you're playing a very tanky setup and nobody else is getting it.

Reverie is a decent item but I'd skip it in Season 3.

Liandry's is a good late-game item if you have slots.

Spirit Stone can be upgraded to Golem or Wraith, or you can leave it as is and sell it eventually.

I think this more or less covers it.
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User Info: Vrrrooom

4 years ago#4
WQE first 3 levels then I usually max E

User Info: pozertron

4 years ago#5
Skill build :

W Q E > max E first if you want to get more assists when ganking
Max W first if : Screw assists i want blood.

start with the HP regen item *180G* and everything else waste on pots *get a ward too if youre scared*

Items : 1Warmogs 2Boots Of Mobility 3Warmogs 4Nashor's Tooth 5Warmogs 6Warmogs

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