DoTA 2 player going to try League.

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User Info: svr2006gawd

4 years ago#1
Nothing wrong with liking both games in my eyes, so going to try out League so I can play that alone when my friends aren't on DoTA, I can't play DoTA alone for some reason, hoping League will be different. What should I know going in, in relation to DoTA? Like DoTA, the hardest thing will be learning the items and all the Champions and their abilities. Any easy Champion suggestions? I know the basics of the game such as last hitting just from playing DoTA. What other odds and ends should I know?
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User Info: Dartkun

4 years ago#2
LoL is less technical, just remember you can always back. Play safe, make small advantages big advantages.

You'll be starting off in the newbie zone if you're just starting playing so you don't really need to know anything about the meta right now.
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User Info: shadyelf

4 years ago#3
From: svr2006gawd | #001
I can't play DoTA alone for some reason, hoping League will be different.


I hate playing this game with randoms.
And well everything is easier in this game. No need for town portal scrolls (free recall to base, still gotta walk back to lane), no denying, no gold lost on death, no secret shop, no runes (buffs from jungle creeps instead).
Many manaless champs, some with no resource restriction apart from cooldowns, mana pools (and HP) are on average higher unlike Dota where using one spell as SK at level 1 leaves you out of mana for a second cast.
Jungle is simpler (not random), no stacking.

So it's pretty simple. Hardest part I think will be runes and masteries, which you shouldn't worry about until Level 20, but you have guides for that.

User Info: CheezWhizX

4 years ago#4
well, for champions that are somewhat similar to heroes:

Axe = Darius
Sand King = Malphite
Lina = Annie
Pudge = Blitzcrank
Spirit Breaker = Hecarim
Omniknight = Taric (not rly)
Zeus = Karthus
Broodmother = Elise
Prophet = Twisted Fate
Any of the stealth guys = Evelynn
Spectre = Kha'Zix
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User Info: Dartkun

4 years ago#5
CheezWhizX posted...
Any of the stealth guys = Evelynn

Isn't it more like Rikki = Evelynn
Temple's Meld = Teemo
Sandking's Sandstorm = Akali
Rest = Twitch

(Still not that versed in DotA heroes, it's been a while since DotA1)
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User Info: Suffer_Not

4 years ago#6
There are a bunch of meta differences that you should catch on to pretty quick. Supports tend to play far more aggressively in lane, generally only the mid lane roams and the inability to deny towers limits how much roaming you can accomplish without losing tower gold and map presence as a result.

There are also a bunch of itemization differences that change the nature of the game's snowballing. In Dota, the ability to buy Black King Bar and ignore most magic effects significantly impacts how advantages are built and capitalized upon. In League, the items with which you deal and mitigate damage are a bit more different.

For someone who has just started the game, you're going to have a level 1 account with no champions unlocked. Playing games gives you Experience Points and Influence Points. Leveling the account with experience gives you access to Rune Slots and Mastery points. Your masteries and runes influence any champions base stats when you start a game. Masteries you get by default, but Runes need to be purchased with Influence from the in game store. You won't be able to unlock the highest tier runes until you're level 20, so most people would recommend you not bother with runes at all. They don't make that huge a difference before level 20 anyway.

Instead, you'll want to spend IP on unlocking Champions. To start off, I would recommend you complete the tutorial, which is one map that explains movement, how to use the shop, and a bunch of stuff you will already know how to do, and one which is an all bot game to let you see the map and etc.

Doing both of them will net you ~500 IP, enough to buy 1 champion. Each of the three tutorial champs costs 450 ip, so they may be a wise first purchase.

Every week 10 champions are 'free', meaning they can be used for anything but a level 30 ranked game. Ashe, one of the 3 tutorial champs, happens to be free this week, so if you're more interested in her than the other 2 you may wish to hold onto your IP until later in the week to pick her up.

The price of a champion is related to how old the champion is, not their respective power level. Until you get to the higher levels of competition, a champion is as viable as your skill with them. So feel free to pick whomever looks coolest.

The low level meta is basically to snowball off of kills with assassin champs or other high mobility champs. Although jungling is common and even expected at levels 20 and up, it's not that prevalent when you're lower (killing people gives more gold than killing wolves, after all). I would recommend either Jax, Olaf, Anivia, or Caitlyn of the free weeks champs. or Warwick if you want to jungle, but again that's not necessary.

Dominion and Twisted Treeline give the most ip/exp per time because they are the fastest matches (6-10 minutes for dominion, 15 - 30 for Twisted Treeline, 30-60 for Summoners Rift). Although Bot games are great for experiencing yourself with a champion, I would recommend actual PvP for really learning about them. Dominion tends to be a better place for testing item synergy since teamfights start right away, but I leave that up to your preferences.

If you run into any questions while playing, the board is normally good about answering them. You'll also normally find some regulars in the 'gamefaqs' chat, although chat activity tends to diminish during times when eating or sleeping happens :x

User Info: XcaIIion

4 years ago#7
suffer explained it quite well for the most part, but a few more things.

the dragon that spawns at the bottom half of the map in a cave is worth 190 gold for your whole team and is a heavily contested objective in higher level play, but in low levels you can often just pick it up for free as no one wards.

it's counterpart on the top of the map, Baron Nashor is the equivalent of Roshan. although the baron is much more valuable, giving 300 gold and a massive boost to damage and regeneration for your whole team.

another note on the jungle is that in Dota jungle creeps respawn every minute allowing for pulls and other things to happen based around that. in LoL the camps will respawn after an exact amount of time you kill them. 1 minute for small camps. 5 minutes for buff camps. 6 minutes for the dragon and 7 minutes for Baron Nashor.

also if you want to you can open up the "Gamefaqs" chat in the LoL client and you can find many people there a lot of the time for asking questions or simply for someone to play with. most people wont want to play with a very low level person though.
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User Info: svr2006gawd

4 years ago#8
Thanks for the help guys. I might pop into the chat sometime. I remember a while back when I was going to play you could unlock a Champion for subscribing to their YouTube channel. Are they still doing that?
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User Info: EDumey

4 years ago#9
I think one of the biggest things to realize when switching over is that for most champs, scalings on abilities are very important. Most if not all DotA skills don't scale very differently, whereas in LoL it is very important to be getting AD or AP in order to keep up in damage.

But yeah, free Alistair for subscribing to YouTube is there. Also free Tristana for liking their Facebook.
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