Drawing thread -- Part 2

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User Info: Dartkun

4 years ago#1
Sick of all the "I'm amazing everyone else sucks. Riot hates me!! QQ" threads. Just finished a big test and on my way home, feel free to make any LoL related drawing request. Planning to do about 5 B&W sketchy and 1 coloured picture.

And please be a bit more descriptive than "Draw Sona!" Just like an action "Sona playing a keytar" or "renekton playing fetch with nasus" would be enough.
Resident LoL Board Katarina Player

User Info: Polarbarre

4 years ago#2
quinn and shyvana fighting over Jarvan IV

User Info: snowflake182

4 years ago#3
Lulu hovering over miss forturne pulling her hat over her eyes!
Nami is my waifu! ~<3

User Info: lDPl

4 years ago#4
Mister Yi and Gentleman Cho'Gath enjoying tea and crumpets.
Mmm, this jerked chicken is good. I think I'll have Fry's lower horn jerked.
It's used to it! Woooo!

User Info: MIG297

4 years ago#5
Gragas bending Mundo over a barrel

User Info: Vonkilington

4 years ago#6
olaf getting morgana drunk
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User Info: omisfly

4 years ago#7
Swain chilling in a birdhouse :D

User Info: Suffer_Not

4 years ago#8
I'm just fast balling here, so go with whatever sounds the most fun.

Sona jamming on a saxophone with a fedora and a two tone suit.

Syndra in her flying temple playing with a cloud bank.

Annie on Tibbers racing Nunu on Willump.

Morgana begrudgingly giving Kayle a birthday present while blushing furiously.

Nautilus wrestling Fizz's shark.

Ezreal using his gauntlet to create enough light to read an ancient mural while the rest fo the room is swathed in darkness (actually, this might be tough because shadows >__>)

Viktor from before he was a champion as he works on building Blitzcrank.

Vi busting down a door while Caitlyn covers her back.

Ziggs performing in his job as Dean of Demolitons to a class of excited/terrified students at the Yordle Academy of Science and Progress.

Lifeguard Renekton* in an action pose as he leaps to save someone from drowning.

Nightmare Before Christmas Fiddlesticks (interpret that how you will).

Sejuani sitting on her throne in Frejlord, striking the evocative Conan position**. Lounging Bristles or chained Ashe optional, of course.


User Info: Dartkun

4 years ago#9
Dayum suffer!

Will jump on those ASAP.

Also the MF Lulu picture sounds fun. Sketching it out on the bus.
Resident LoL Board Katarina Player

User Info: bobguydude1

4 years ago#10
Irelia using her Ult on a huge wave of minions
YOU BROKE RNG!!?!?!?!?!?!? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!- insane_pyro74
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