I propose we rename AD Carries

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User Info: Sir Spiffy Cape

Sir Spiffy Cape
4 years ago#1
They should from henceforth be known as AD Carried.

Face it: ADs don't carry the game in this bruiser-centric game anymore.

Outside of outrageously fed scenarios, let's look at the different points of the game.

Laning phase: AD carries are supposed to be weak in this phase, and it shows. They deal little damage and are squishy. Ok. Supports are there for a reason.

Outcome: The AD is carried by a good support who keeps the other team off their ass, a jungler who ganks at appropriate times, and a mid who knows how to roam.

Midgame: This is when teamfights are beginning and the AD Carry just got their first shiny new item, probably a bloodthirster or some equivalent huge damage booster. They do some cool damage, but only if they crit with their puny Zeal. They still don't have the attack speed to do anything but orbwalk in and out of fights.

Outcome: That Garen Top is probably spin2winning your teamfights and you are just cleaning up.

Late game: Garen already destroyed enemy team nexus, there is no late game.

Outcome: Giant Garen from Lulu ult was what won the game, not you.

TL;DR I'm bad at ADC and keep watching bruiser tops steal the show before I melt everyone's faces. Also I can't carry team when support towerdives all day and leaves me to 1v2 Blitz and his chosen lackey, so I can only get carried. Feels bad getting carried as carry.
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User Info: mD_atheist

4 years ago#2
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User Info: cautionifeed

4 years ago#3
draven says otherwise

User Info: Xigbar

4 years ago#4
The entire concept of the ADC is based on the idea of a game without any blatant feeding. Rarely the case, of course.
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