You are the ranged ad carry when...

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User Info: Suffer_Not

4 years ago#11
As Caitlyn, I trust that my Lulu is paying attention and ults me as soon as I am in range of them. While they are knocked up, I use 90 caliber net to close distance and drop a cupcake inbetween us and start shooting. I once again trust that my Lulu is paying attention and polymorphs the Diana to prevent her from using her ult again until I have burst her down with my ADC damage. I proceed to kite the other two as long as I can, hoping that the other traps I left in the area for just such an occasion haven't expired yet and that my Lulu can land excellent Qs.

User Info: PhoenixEgg88

4 years ago#12
Well lulu waits for them to get close. The. Ults you. Then she uses whimsy on you so you can run away. The follow up glitter lance makes sure of your escape while the shield stops any ranged attacks from getting you low. You thank your support for saving your life and sacrificing herself for you.
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User Info: earthmaster3

4 years ago#13
I play thresh so I just go in with my red Dark blessing, smacking them for 780 damage on top of my normal damage for the first hit, then flay them, lol
It's like walking up to a girl you really like, going in for a kiss, only to get a casual punch to the face before the kiss.
- Notch

User Info: ERLiNo

4 years ago#14
Get GA
"It doesn't matter how many resources you have, if you don't know how to use them, they will never be enough"
-Masters Zerg
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