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User Info: cautionifeed

4 years ago#1
How do you beat Garen, Darius, and Rumble? I feel like it's literally impossible, but those are the only hard matchups I've had. (other than Diana who fisted me but shes not really top) So can anyone give me advice on how to do these matchups?

User Info: Sharzakenator

4 years ago#2
start dorans shield
don't give a **** about anything ever

lose game
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User Info: zeppelin312

4 years ago#3
for garen and darius, run the full armor page(optional lifesteal quints in place of armor quints) and start armor+5, then just try to farm it out and ask for ganks, least for darius anyways. Don't feed them early, it is better to lose a few creeps than your life. On first back feel free to pickup nikes+dolan shield if you want them, major early goals are kindlegem and your glacial shroud

basically just try to survive, rush your SV. IF you can get ganks early you stand a much better chance, before level 4 you don't have to be as afraid, after 4 you will have issues. Run lifesteal quints and start flask+ward+pot or pots+wards or red pot+pots+ward, farm as much as you can without dying.

really not much different than most nasus matchups I suppose

User Info: OmfgitsBlah

4 years ago#4
Garen is super simple - when he silence -> spins you, sit there auto-attacking him. Q him when you're unsilenced, and congrats, you've won any trade past level 3.

Darius? He ults, you ult, wither means he can't do much besides his QWR burst. Careful of his Q, and just try to farm otherwise.

Rumble? Cry a lot. And I mean a *lot*.
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