dat Nidalee nerf

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User Info: Susan0

4 years ago#41
Good, good...now nerf the damage on that damn spear.
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User Info: unlosing_ranger

4 years ago#42
give her cougar form bonus armor and M.R based on 0.15 AD then people who go AD get some defenses.
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User Info: Blue_Iron

4 years ago#43
The pro Nid players don't seem to mind that nerf
Anyway, i agree with the whole "tone down the spear damage" thingy
I'm not saying we should nerf her to the ground, just bring down the % of it's travel distance damage or just lower her AP ratio.
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User Info: Deanyzy

4 years ago#44
She's still a nightmare. She needs to be hit harder I think, she's just too good at everything at the moment.

User Info: LChaos2

4 years ago#45
I also don't like Nidalee and her Javenlin Toss.

Though I don't want to see it disappear, I'd like a nerf to damage per distance.
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User Info: Dualitypain

4 years ago#46
Cougar form had great burst damage(AP) or sustained damage(AD), a bunch of free defenses, plus ridiculous mobility with her passive and pounce. It can't have everything, so the best thing to take out was the defenses. Good nids will still be jumping in and out to deal some nice cougar damage, and wont feel threatened because of her stupid amounts of mobility.
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User Info: B01t

4 years ago#47
CheezWhizX posted...
SongstressCela posted...
From: TAMIUS_REBORN | #013
ssupermario92 posted...
Good, good...now nerf the damage on that damn spear.

boop, how does one stay behind minons? Or atleast not be predicable when moving

boop, still does too much damage. Oh, it's a long-range skillshot, so it's fair to make it take out half of a bruiser's health and nearly 1shot a squishy...nope. I get that it's hard to hit, so it should do a lot of damage, but right now it's just way too much.

> Literally complaining about Nid's extremely slow skillshot instead of burst from Veigar or Leblanc or etc...

Because you can safely poke from 50 million miles away with Veigar/Leblanc.

not to mention the CD, too.
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User Info: WebBowser

4 years ago#48
boop, I like turtles
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