I suck at support

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User Info: lightning_omega

4 years ago#11
Support is tricky sometimes. One of the most important things is you need a good lane partner. I've gone through many games where my ADC was awful, and most of the time the blame gets cast on you because you couldn't heal them so many times (mana is fairly scarce in the beginning of lane phase) or because they didn't realize cool down exists.

Warding and map awareness are essential. Be sure to build a Sightstone as soon as possible. Map awareness and communication are key to being able to keep your mid and bot from getting ganked. Try to keep a ward in the river whenever possible and other locations for your jungler or mid to do a gank of their own.

Masteries and runes also play a part in the support role. With masteries, focus on utilities and defense. Through utilities, you can get a biscuit and a sight ward for free. That's a sweet deal right there. With runes, armor, magic (or hybrid) penetration, magic resist, and gold are things you want to invest in. They can help in early lane phase, especially if you take hits for your adc.

Spells: the best ones for me are flash and exhaust. Flash saving a more important role in any phase can change the game. Exhaust can also help for getaways as well as assisting an ally for a kill. Heal can be useful, but there are plenty of supports that heal and your lane partner should have some potions on them.

As for which champion to use, I play Nami, Lulu, and Sona. Sometimes I use Zyra or Lux, but that's only when someone prefers an aggressive support. Try to find a support champ similar to the play style you're used to. If you like tanky, go with Taric, Shen, Kayle (depending on your build), or Leona. Each of them are great and can really protect the ADC early. If you like AP champs, try Nami, Sona, Lulu, Janna, or support Lux. You may have to rely on skill shots with Nami, Janna, and Lux, but practice makes perfect. Some of those shots can be a real game changer.

As a final note, your ult is a very hand tool with most supports. You can use them for assists in mid lane phase, but try to keep them for defensive purposes post lane phase. If you can get your team out of a pinch by a defensively used ult, it helps change the flow of the game.

User Info: Blarg92

4 years ago#12
Be patient and keep trying new supports. I can't promise that this will happen for you, but I found that I've started to enjoy the roles I used to hate (bot lane) I now enjoy after being forced into them enough.

I didn't find supporting fun until I started picking Blitzcrank/Lulu/Alistar regularly. Keep trying different champs until you find some you like.
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User Info: Suffer_Not

4 years ago#13
Playing support is a lot more complex than many people will admit. I'll try to keep it brief and succint.

Succeeding as a support is done through map control, lane presence, and teamfight utility.

Map control is pretty easy, you just have to learn when to ward and where. One of your first items should be a sight stone so that you can have constant ward coverage in the tri bush and dragon side of river. After that, you want to buy additional pink wards to deny enemy vision.

That's a map of some of the most important ward spots. Flip it if you happen to be purple. During laning you'll focus on the bottom side (wherever you and your carry are). As soon as laning is over, keeping Baron warded is your responsibility rather than the jungler's.

Lane presence is probably the hardest thing to teach. It basically means that there should never be a point in time where the enemy feels safe attacking your ADC. They should always be concerned that they will lose the trade because of you. This is accomplished in different ways depending on the support you are playing; an aggressive support like Blitzcrank, Leona, or Taric will do this by maintaining bush control with pinks. The enemy team then cannot approach that bush for fear of being stunned/grabbed/etc and is zoned. A passive support like Janna or Soraka does this by mitigating damage done to the carry. The enemy team then feels as though any poke they do is wasted and they are soon oom while your carry is still healthy. A poke support like Sona or Lulu does this through constant pressure; an enemy that is dodging skill shots or chugging potions is one that is less likely to be able to engage and win.

Action in the bot lane is normally initiated either by the support or the jungler. The carry needs to focus on csing; it's the support's responsibility to pay attention to the map and alert their carry of when opportunities exist for them to trade or when they should back off because of the likelihood of being attacked. Communicating with your carry is very important. Simply telling them to stay back while you ward the river can mean the difference between life or death.

Teamfight utility is also hard to discuss because it's different for every support. In general, it means knowing when to use your abilities to initiate, counter initiate, and peel, and it also means buying items useful for your team. My rule of thumb is to work towards my sightstone and gp/5 items in lane, to grab Ruby Sightstone and Boots of Mobility as soon as the laning phase ends, and to get Aegis/Bulwark as soon as possible if no one else is. Situationally you'll want other items like Shard of True Ice, Reverie, Banner of Command, Ohmwrecker, Zeke's Herald, Wota basically anything with an aura if your team needs that aura. I would need to know what supports you plan on playing to give you more specific advice about this :<

User Info: viajarv

4 years ago#14
happyscrub1 posted...
People who say they suck at support, I don't trust at in any other role but jungle

That's funny, the jungler I play with is bad at support too.

User Info: Master_Pwner

4 years ago#15
Rihawf posted...
Just a tip against Blitzcrank players.
You can be against their face, if you don't move in a straight line you win.

Lol that's assuming the blitz is a horrible noob who can't land skillshots

User Info: ThyCorndog

4 years ago#16
Taric is a great "tutorial" support champ. Very tanky, has a heal and a reliable ranged stun. He's a very forgiving character and it's hard to make huge mistakes with him
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User Info: Rookie_Jet

4 years ago#17
Didn't read everyone's posts, but I would say play someone you're good with even if they're not a "meta" support like Taric/Leona/etc. I just played with a guy yesterday who didn't have/wasn't good with those champs. He really liked Garen and said he was good with him. I was the ADC so I was like, "**** son, let's do it!" I was Graves. We lit up their MF/Thresh bot handily. Sure, he got some kills, but we both ended laning like 4-1-4. Didn't bother me that he got some kills if I also got 4-1-4.

User Info: viajarv

4 years ago#18
Communication is key too. What good is sticking your neck out with a Taric or Leona E when your ADC isn't going to followup? If he doesn't you get chunked, if he does too late you both get chunked and your ADC spends the rest of the time hunkering in fear behind minions. What's worse is that sometimes you'll get adc's that will play hesitant unless you have dragon, tri-bush, lane bush, and all 3 jungle entrances warded.

But playing more supports is great advice and I don't think it was mentioned, but it allows you to know how to counter them more. Blitz misses his pull, you know you're free for at least 10 seconds. Same with Alistar after his push/pulverize.

User Info: Wayavas

4 years ago#19
Guys the other day I went support Jax and it was really good, I gave my adc Quinn first blood and 3 other kills during laning phase, then we took the turret and we started roaming, I realised im great at support Jax cus I can deal so much damage to the enemy adc and then I stop attacking them and Quinn finishes them off.
I still buy sightstone, but other than that I make a normal jax build and a couple of vision wards here and there.
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