NICE nidalee nerf.

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User Info: USF

4 years ago#11
Sooooooooooo the problem lies in someone else's stun? Gotcha.
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User Info: starmilski13

4 years ago#12
For two spears to hit for 600 at level 4, she'd have to have significant AP already and for you, as Taric, to be laning against a Nidalee with no MR and with bushwack debuff on you.

So in order for the damage to be as absurd as you say, you'd have to walk into Nidalee's traps, not buy appropriate laning items (if your'e top Taric), and get hit by max range spears.

That's not exactly a reason to call her OP.
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User Info: wanderer918

4 years ago#13
I'm with TC on this one, thats clearly broken and needs to be addressed.

Also where is the pantheon nerf?? I get stunned and then boom, 1k magic damage. How are you supposed to counter that? Hes an AD champ with a spell that does ONE THOUSAND damage. Even AP champs don't have spells like that.

rioto fix pls.
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  3. NICE nidalee nerf.

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