Best top lane AP champs?

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User Info: Aecioo

4 years ago#11
Elise, Singed, Rumble

are probably the three best that you can pick where they will be great in most comps/against most top lanes.

Second tier of AP Top is stuff like Kennen, Swain, Akali imo

User Info: iluvaznchix

4 years ago#12
whatever ridiculousness i've just posted, i swear to you, i'm not on drugs
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User Info: leak_man

4 years ago#13
Kayle can harass pretty well.
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User Info: happyscrub1

4 years ago#14
Leblanc is underrated top. I'ma start doing it again and surprise people. Q+W against a lot of champs that can't answer back, You can spam that all day every day.
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User Info: ryana

4 years ago#15
Singed, Rumble, and Elise are in a class of their own.

Pre patch Nidalee was close to that as well, maybe still is I'm not sure.

User Info: FlareZero

4 years ago#16
MMG_ posted...

That is all.

That's literally as good as it gets for AP tops. Vlad can still hold his own and Kennen has been missing for a long time.
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User Info: Badmood136

4 years ago#17
Singed and Rumble are def top-tier in top-lane. Not just as AP tops, but as top-champs in general
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