POLL:how do you feel about surrendering?

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4 years ago#42
Only when it's clearly impossible to win.

For example; We got aced, they're at our inhib turret, they take a turret in 5 sec, and nobody is up for 50sec. Or they could have easily ended it several times but chose not to just because they're jerks and want a higher kda.

Other than that you probably shouldn't surrender. All it takes is one late-game throw and you can make a comeback and win.
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User Info: The Last Cetra

The Last Cetra
4 years ago#43
I chose I only surrender when I'm 100% sure the game is lost and hate it when people /surrender early, but would like to add that I hate it when the game is at this point and my teammates won't surrender. Don't waste another 10 minutes of my life so you can continue feeding, just let me out of here.
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User Info: angermngment101

4 years ago#44
I get tired of my team mates sometimes when I realize how bad or annoying they are, and thats when I decide its time to give up on them and look for a new team.

Does it matter to me if there can be a come back? No. It doesnt. If I dont like playing with you, then consider the game over.

User Info: thedarklordx3

4 years ago#45
in retrospect, now that I think about it, it should depend on your team

if you're losing because your bottom lane spent the whole game feeding meanwhile everyone else was doing good, unless you can carry, you're doomed

if you lose because 3 or 4 of your team are feeding or arguing or afking or DCing or trolling or intentionally feeding or something, that's different
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