Great, lost my promotion.

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(message deleted)

User Info: happyscrub1

4 years ago#12
Happyscrub's league of legends rank is higher than 95% gamefaqs posters. This is why gamefaqs jealous of him. That's why they troll him. So sad, So bad, so mad.

User Info: Deanyzy

4 years ago#13
iPWNtheNoobs posted...
It is just frustrating.

It's Solo Queue, learn from your losses and then put them behind you. As long as you maintain a good attitude and just try your best you'll probably start to climb.

negative4 posted...
Someone on my buddy list went from Bronze III to Bronze I promotion match. He then fell all the way back to Bronze III after playing another 20 games. You can't be as mad as that.

When it comes to Solo Queue I always say that if you are meant to be at a certain rank you'll get there eventually. A good state of mind is everything in this game, you can't be defeated by a drop, you just have to focus on each game as it comes.

User Info: iPWNtheNoobs

4 years ago#14
Takes a long time.
That is problem. 300 games to move up 3 divisions or something?
Stupid system.
Trolling is a art
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