"im gonna afk" my topic about mentally weak players/ socially unskilled players

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User Info: Lithsp

4 years ago#51
ryudo500 posted...
my response is ok ***** ( starts with a p)

wot word is this

User Info: ryudo500

4 years ago#52
Shen top saying he mains top and saying telly is useless on shen is just lolable.

he said he lost to elise by 125-60 cs becuase of our jungle giving elise a kill while their elise even was on all chat saying how noob shen was.

oh well. most of you are prolly mentally weak as well

User Info: VileZero

4 years ago#53
Your grasp of psychology is lackluster at best.

Your constant analogies to sports team displays a lack of understanding in how sports teams function. The comradery between team members is neccesary for success, in that they support one another while providing an outside view in on the individual.

Putting together five random people, from all walks of life, all forms of social interaction, in a room, and expecting them to play together is already a challenge in and of itself. They have never worked together, never played together until that moment. How else can they anticipate what you're going to do, or you them?

This is not a sports team. These aren't even professional gaming teams. How do you expect the bonds to form when you'll never see the person you just "critized" again likely? An amusing comparison, but a faulty one riddled with holes. I'm not bored enough at the time to try and close them all for you.

Claiming a person is "mentally weak" because they get frustrated while trying to play something they enjoy, usually brought on by the lack of self control of others or themselves only alludes that you yourself are guilty of such actions, and are now attempting to garner support for your own views because you don't have the stones to stand on your own. Not everyone is tempered enough to handle someone else whining at them like a self-entitled child on the playground.

In a way, League is just that. A playground where children from all over come to play, and while some get along well with the other children who are total strangers to them, others whine and moan and whimper because they can't have things go exactly how they want them to.

Which are you, I wonder. Ah well, matter's not, though I had fun with the analysis. Time to disappear back into my world.
Just another method of madness.

User Info: Eclipse008

4 years ago#54
ryudo500 posted...
LOl @ most of you.

I bet you guys are the jungles who dont get blue because a teammate accidentally took it and then you just afk out

Funny story: I once accidentally stole the very first blue as Kayle mid from our jungle Fiddle... I managed to use it to completely shut down their Nidalee, and thankfully their jungler wasn't stellar so fiddle managed to catch up. But he didn't complain once. By far one of the more mature players I've played with.

User Info: thedarklordx3

4 years ago#55
Dogmanwalking posted...
You want mentally weak?

"Surrender at 20 pls"

"Um, we're not losing. In fact, we're not even playing yet, we're still at champ select."

I lol'd so hard
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  3. "im gonna afk" my topic about mentally weak players/ socially unskilled players

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