Whats the best way to teach a friend how to play League?

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User Info: GHExpert123

4 years ago#1
I have a friend that just downloaded this game and I'm trying to teach him how to play League. We tried duo topping in a custom game, and that didn't go too well for him. Would it be better to go duo bot with him as an adc and me as a support? Also, whats the most important thing to teach him first? CSing? Surviving? Whats the best way to teach him to play is what I'm wondering. Btw, we live far away from each other, so I have to teach him through Skype.

Any advice would be helpful, as I've never taught someone to play League before. Thanks.
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User Info: flyguy101

4 years ago#2
Get a premade of 4 of his friends (including you) and tell him what the f*** to do while playing with him. It's how I learned.

User Info: boottar

4 years ago#3
Make sure the player does the tutorials.

you probably don't want to get them ''attached'' to guide websites like mobafire etc, but its an easy way to throw alot of information at them. Explain the meta to them and then show them mobafire and tell them to try out the easy champs like ashe and garen at first or something.

Play games with them and answer their questions.

I convinced a guy to try out LoL. when previously he was spending his days on a roleplaying san andreas multiplayer server. He hated it at first but now he's played more games than me and has spent money on RP a few times. And he has quit that game.
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User Info: wanderer918

4 years ago#4
Get a premade team and go straight to pvp, everyone instalock your favorite rolls and demand that he play the role no one has called. If you don't like the champ he picked tell him how bad he is going to lose for picking the champ.

When game starts, tell the other team in all chat how your friend is a feeder and to enjoy their free win.

When he dies for the first time, immediately flame him with the rest of your team and encourage the enemy to do the same.

When game is over, ask the other team to report him for intentionally feeding. Tell him to never play League again and repeatedly talk about his bad decisions that lead to each of his deaths.

This is the only sure way to give him an accurate tutorial of League.
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User Info: dragonfire55

4 years ago#5
You can also have him spectate you play or watch streams for information. Reading guides/watching videos/playing games is the only way they'll learn.
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User Info: HyperShadow4321

4 years ago#6
Play beginner bot matches with him. Those are so easy that ya'll should be able to win regardless of how well he does. It'll also make it easier for him to figure out a character while learning the basics of the game. Once he improves a bit you can try intermediate bots. I dunno what level you are, but if you're 30 and he's 4, he will likely be going up against some people that way outmatch him if you play PvP.

As far as characters... he would probably be best learning a character that can play bot (ADC or support), and/or top. When you're new, I found the best thing to do was just to find one character that feels good to you, and main that character until you're at least level 10 or so.

I would say the basic things that are important are last-hitting minions, understanding early-game basics (starting items, build orders, etc), knowing when to run away vs advancing, knowing where to put wards, understanding the meta, etc. Trying to learn a character that can potentially play multiple roles wouldn't be a bad idea; however, I would let him play whoever feels good to him and isn't exclusively a jungler (jungling is a bit too much to be aware of for someone new, I think).

Once he has a relatively decent handle on a character and the meta, I would advise him to play some PvP games by himself since he will get matched up mostly with players around his skill level. A couple of my friends started playing recently a month or so ago, and I noticed that when we played games together (me and some of my friends who are level 30). we would do much, much worse since our lower level friends would get laned against people significantly more skilled with better masteries/runes. However, when they would play a game by themselves, they would do much better.

Also, make sure he doesn't get discouraged... this game can be pretty difficult to learn at first. I remember I hated LoL the first 5-10 games I played, and now I love it.
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