I use wasd to move the camera.

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User Info: GanonsSpirit

4 years ago#1
Ask me anything.
http://i.imgur.com/JZae8.png Thanks, Milleykins!

User Info: Sir Spiffy Cape

Sir Spiffy Cape
4 years ago#2
Do you have a gaming mouse that let's you...


the skins in this game?
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User Info: thedarklordx3

4 years ago#3
how do you use your skills?
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User Info: jepaan

4 years ago#4
^By moving the mouse of course.

User Info: Somnambulistic

4 years ago#5
I do too. :D

1 2 3 4 - Abilities
W A S D - Screen movement
Shift + 1 2 3 4 - Actives/Consumables
R T - Summoners

My general setup. Play much better that way than with the default bindings.
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  3. I use wasd to move the camera.

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